Niseko United, Japan

Niseko United, Japan

Niseko United, Japan
If you want to experience an awesome adventure for your next snowboarding getaway, you have got to check out Niseko United in Japan. This is in fact one of Asia’s best snowboarding spots that fills riders with thrills and fun as they take their snowboards through the beautiful carpets of snow in Niseko.
Niseko Mountain

With an amazing freeriding, stunning trails, groomed stacks of unsullied powder, tons of runs, good parks, and a convenient lift system; Niseko United is the place to go for all riders. For locals, this is actually a favorite spot for snowboarders who want the grand experience without the hassles of large crowds.

You can experience the highest lift pass with several hundred meters of tram (1,308 meters to be exact). Snowboarders can also visit some hot springs along their way in the mountain and have some relaxation after a tiring day. However, it is important to make sure that you get updates before taking a taxi or bus since there are avalanches in the mountain.
This stunning mountain gives riders three wonderful areas that include the Grand Hirafu, Higashiyama, and An’nupuri. These areas are linked across terrains in order to provide riders with convenient and fun switchovers. With breathtaking sceneries at the peak and base, you will really feel overwhelmed. People have said that this mountain is one of the best for freeriding, as they offer backcountry and off-piste trails.

Notice that there is lots of shredding that can be done as you undergo between pillow lines and birch trees. Only some areas are actually roped off, making it very important to follow the rules and guidelines stated by the mountain. The last thing you would want is to get lost! For freestylers and terrain park junkies, do not fret because there are several terrain parks and halfpipes located throughout Niseko United.

Niseko may be a Japanese landmark, but it is actually quite westernized for tourists. The Westerners in fact own the restaurants as well as bars and lodges so you don’t necessarily have to know how to speak Japanese while you’re savoring the beauty of the place.