Mt. Tomamu, Japan

Mt. Tomamu, Japan

Mt. Tomamu, Japan
If you are currently planning on your next snowboarding adventure in Japan, Mt. Tomamu is the way to go. This place offers something for all types of riders out there, especially for those who just want to thrill themselves with the stunning views of the mountain. With a fantastic resort at Tomamu, you are sure to find the perfect experience.

Mt. Tomamu
The place exclusively caters to any type of snowboarder including families and thrill seekers. With its central location at Hokkaido, you will certainly achieve super dry powder and perfectly shaped snow for the ultimate experience. This resort is actually spread over 2 peaks along with 10 various lift passes to access and an excellent variety of options for multiple terrains.

Unlike other resorts in Japan, Tomamu is an exciting place to be. In fact, it offers free riding and off-piste tours with some exclusive backcountry guides that include Heli and Cat skiing/boarding. And for those searching for some half pipe and park action, Mt. Tomamu has you covered. However, there is a downside since Tomamu has slow single and double chair lifts, which are the only access to the terrain park and the “bowl area”.

The mountain’s peak stands at 1,085 meters with a vertical drop of 492 meters while the bottom lift is 593 meters. It is important to take note of these details before you ride your snowboard through the snow plains. The total ride area provides 440 hectares of space where the landscape is spread across different experience levels: 35% for easy, 35% for intermediate, and 30% for advanced. Also, there are 19 pistes that run for 4.5 long kilometers of riding.

Mt. Tomamu has friendly folks with beautiful cultures that cater to visitors and foreign snowboarders. It would be best to stay with a guide if you don’t know the place because it is a lot bigger then most riders think. Many visitors enjoy excellent guide service during their snowboarding adventures on this mountain. You can take advantage of the same quality experience if you have someone to help you out while travelling around the park. Be sure to experience some fine Japanese mountain cuisine after a long day of riding.