Mt. Hood, Oregon

Mt. Hood, Oregon

Mt. Hood, Oregon
To many people’s astonishment, Mt. Hood is a dormant volcano that is composed of three main sections: Mt. Hood Meadows, Timberline, and Ski Bowl. The Meadows is the most popular of the three venues and is filled with tempting trails.

Mt. Hood Meadows
Mount Hood Meadows may be smaller then most other comparable mountains, but that makes it so much more dense and fun to mess around on. For novice boarders they can keep entertained in the pockets of testing trails and bunny hills. For intermediate riders, they can enjoy steep hills that come around the 40-foot cliff, Nightmare Knoll.

With a peak of 2,250+ meters and about 2,150 acres of skiable terrain, the 87 trails will prove to be a lot bigger then the actual mountain looks. Also, 15% of the hills are for beginner riders, 50% for intermediate, 20% of black diamond runs for advanced riders, and of course 15% left to double-black diamond runs for expert riders. Also, Mt. Hood experiences about 11 meters of snowfall every season, so snowboarders and skiers really get that satisfying powdery ride.

For those searching for a terrain park, you will be greatly satisfied to find that there are 6 themed parks! The Zoo is more for beginners, Shipyard that has small rails, boxes and jumps, Fireweed for a more intricate entry-level park, Forest Park beholds a creative area for intermediate park riders, Shooting Star is a long park that encompasses small to large challenging areas for intermediate to advanced riders and lastly, Cascade Spring park which is more for every level of rider.

The village of Mt. Hood, Oregon rests at 4,000 feet and is comprised of accommodations, nice shops and dining places. After a long day of riding, you can enjoy a nice hot meal at one of the numerous cozy restaurants. We highly advise that the bar-goers take it easy on the drinking the night before riding the mountain.