Kiroro Snow World, Japan

Kiroro Snow World, Japan

Kiroro Snow World, Japan
The famous Japanese company, Yamaha, established this snowy playground. Snowboarders and skiers love this mountain because of the abundance of snow they get every season. In fact, they get about 13 meters of snowfall every season, therefore they open the earliest of any other mountain in Japan with an approximate 167 riding days.

Kiroro Snow World Mountain
For the most part this mountain is not too popular, as its neighboring mountains like Niseko United take a lot of the publicity. Kiroro features two mountain peaks with 21 runs (courses as Japanese like to say) total. The on-piste terrains resemble green or blue runs that are perfect for beginner and intermediate boarders. On the other hand, for more advanced boarders Kiroro consists of 1/3 black diamond runs! So get ready for a leg burning boarding trip because you won’t want to stop exploring this mountain.

Also, there is a rather basic terrain park (buy travel insurance please) and real powder riding is available through forested areas. Remember to bundle up; this mountain gets quite cold, which attributes to their pristine snow. Did we forget to mention that it is only a 60-minute drive to Niseko United?

Kiroro is like much of Japan’s other mountains in the sense that they are tailored for tourist attraction. This being said, visitors will be relieved to know that most of the mountain is English-friendly. Since this mountain is slightly less popular, visitors can enjoy much less crowds. Not to mention, Kiroro has indoor and open air hot springs that really accentuate the tranquility of the area.

For those who do not ride, ski, or simply want to try something else, there are excursions that you can endeavor like sledding, snow tubing, and even snowcat sightseeing tours. The autonomy of this place is awesome, but if you know how to ride then perhaps it might be worthwhile to hit the slopes.