Hakuba Happo One, Japan

Hakuba Happo One, Japan

Hakuba Happo One, Japan
Looking to find a dramatic destination to perform some of your snowboarding skills? Well, Happo One is a must try in Japan for all levels of snowboarders/skiers. For Hakuba, this is the perfect place to experience a steeper, more varied and even wider resort like no other. In fact, the management is currently improving the place in order to make sure that you get enough space to ride your snowboard.

Happo One Mountain
The place actually takes pride of its captivating landscapes that perfectly offers a wide variety of terrain in meeting the needs of advanced and even intermediate rider. The runs range from gentle and wide to banked and steep while providing riders with options no matter their riding level. The distance from the top to bottom of most of their runs will not be full out leg-burners, but will still require some stamina. Please take note that it is not advisable to go for a ride during weekends since the resorts are usually extremely crowded during these days.

The lift infrastructure offers relatively slow transportation, making it an excellent option to take the gondola. Be sure to have your maps in place in order to help guide you to the right routes around Happo One resort. As an added bonus, night riding is available any time of year although it only provides one fully lit run for beginners.

Riders that are searching for wicked terrain parks will unfortunately not find too much of that here. On the contrary, management has said that they are looking to better their facility so that these hindrances are turned into their strongest points. Currently, there are temporary parks that aim to develop into permanent features at Happo One.

Happo One is also a popular resort for tourists because of the convenience and sheer beauty of the place. Hence, you don’t have to struggle with the Japanese language since there are English menus, information booths and terrain maps widely available.
In order to make sure that everyone enjoys their trip, the management makes sure to accommodate the needs of the foreign visitors at Happo One. Turn your powdery dreams into reality with the convenient lift passes in this resort.