Chamonix, France

Chamonix, France

Chamonix, France
Whether you are an advanced snowboarder or beginner, Chamonix, France can be the top place to go for snowboarding in Europe. The high altitude and sunny slopes immensely add to this mountains allure.

Chamonix is synonymous with the most challenging and the best mountains around the world. They also continue to attract the attention of thrill-seekers looking to snowboard, ski, climb and fully experience the outdoors. The resort is a perfect place to stay for boarders for convenience. Experienced riders will get the utmost fun and enjoyment from Chamonix.

Charmonix Mountain
Chamonix is the snowboarding capital for all serious boarders; not just in Europe, but also across the world. Today, the place continues on moving forward and pushing the boundaries of the mountain. Champions like Karine Ruby and Baptiste Charlet have praised this mountain as being their home court. Not to mention that there are other gold medalists that practice here. The odd thing about Chamonix, France is that the weather may change in just a few hours. It can be a snowstorm to sunshine in a flash. The diverse weather patterns really offers the most advanced and best expert snowboarding experiences. The atmosphere is entirely different and you will surely forget the logistics of getting on the trails, so bring a map.

Being a lively and enthusiastic town, the place is often visited by sports enthusiasts and of course, by the locals. There are nightclubs and bars where people can enjoy a nice cold one after a long day of being well, cold! The place also makes an effort of meeting the diverse needs of all winter sports-enthusiasts with their diverse staff.

Enjoy Chamonix and its outlying areas, sit at a café and sip a beer or have some wine. The bars are also sometimes crowded, but then again you will get to meet other snowboarders who may share similar challenging and exhilarating experiences. Get the full experience from the spectacular slope of Chamonix, France. The place has the fullest potential of being a learning environment for all levels of boarders.